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January 1, 2017
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Insulating Windows and Doors

Frequently, when thinking about home insulation, people forget about insulating windows and doors. It’s not possible to completely stop air movement around windows and doors, but you need to be aware of how much air, either heated or cooled, you may be losing due to poor insulation around them.

Weather stripping is the least expensive and most easily completed of the task of insulating windows and doors. And it’s effective.

When you consider windows, remember this: As many as 50% of homes in America may have only single-pane windows. These windows do little as far as insulation is concerned. Heat energy can radiate right through these windows, causing you to lose heat from the house in the winter and gain heat from outside in the summer.

Another thing to consider about single-pane windows is that the cold air around the window will sink toward the floor, dragging warmer air from higher in the room to the window. This warm air is then cooled through conduction by the cold air outside, sinks to the floor, and draws more warm air to the window. You can see the process here.

Replacing your single-pane windows with better windows will leave you with a more comfortable home and lower heating bills.

One of the more common problems with both windows and doors is they aren’t installed correctly. They must be both level and plumb to make a good seal in the opening cut for them. Deviating from best practice in installing windows and doors leads to lower value of the insulation around them.

Something you can do when thinking about insulating windows and doors is to install a plastic window film on windows you won’t open during the winter. This insulation film puts an additional layer between you and the elements. It’s best to install this film in early morning or later in the evening to keep the sun from distorting the film.

Certainly, caulking around doors and windows will increase the insulation value. This is an easy do-it-yourself project that won’t take very long and is inexpensive.

Insulating doors and windows can become a major undertaking. You may want to consider a professional who can provide you with the expertise needed to do the best job. Spray foam may be your best choice for any insulation in your home.

Spray foam is not usually a do-it-yourself operation. Professional installation is best. Not just from the application aspect, but also from safety for you and your family. For the best spray foam insulation, contact Weathertight Spray Foam in Gilford, NH. It is one of the best in