Skyrocketing Energy Bills?

Seal Them Out With Spray Foam Insulation!

Winter energy costs can go through the roof in New England. Spray foam insulation from Weathertight Spray Foam can slash your home heating and cooling bills by anywhere from 50-80%!

There are several home insulating products available today. None of them have the insulating strength and sealing capability of spray foam insulation. This kind of superior insulation locks air inside your home, lessening the load on your heating and air conditioning systems.

Spray foam insulation will completely seal the building envelope, the boundary between conditioned and unconditioned spaces in your home. Even the tiny nooks and crannies that are present in every home. Other types of insulation can’t fill these tiny spaces effectively.

Spray foam insulation also acts as a sound barrier. Your entire home will be a more cozy, quiet place with this insulation. Also, noise from one room to another inside your home will be lessened.

Another great benefit of spray foam insulation is an increase in the value of your home. Home buyers look for homes that are well-insulated. In addition, spray foam insulation actually increases the strength of your home’s building materials.

One major positive for spray foam insulation: it lasts for the life of your home! This is another reason the investment in spray foam insulation is such a good thing. Your initial cost will be more than offset by the longevity of the product.

How Is Spray Foam Installed?

Spray foam insulation is a two-component type of foam. The two ingredients are mixed on-site using special truck-mounted equipment. Heated hoses carry the material to a mixing gun that sprays the foam into the spaces in your home. As soon as the chemicals are mixed, a reaction begins. This mixture foams, expands in the spaces, and begins to harden.

The foam used most often by Weathertight Spray Foam is a closed cell foam. It has an R-value of about 6.9 per inch. That means three inches of this spray foam has an R-value of about 21.

This type of spray foam insulation also serves as a vapor retarder.

Excellent insulating quality!

Some Other Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation

  • Does not sag when installed properly
  • Less dust and pollen, fewer bugs allowed in your home
  • Ice dam protection
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Efficient with newer HVAC systems
  • Meets most building codes

So for the best insulation for your home, choose spray foam insulation. For the best installation of your insulation, choose Weathertight.

Brad Preston, a certified spray foam applicator, and his brother Brian are ready to put their skills and talents to work for you. Their use of state of the art equipment plus a dedication to customer satisfaction have brought them excellent customer references and significant local support.