Tips For Choosing A Spray Foam Contractor

In days gone by, picking a contractor to install insulation in your home was not complicated. You contact several contractors, describe the job, get bids, choose the lowest. You could hardly find a spray foam contractor.

Most home insulation was fiberglass batts. Those pink rolled insulation products that everyone had in their homes.

Not so any longer. With the use of spray foam insulation increasing, choosing an appropriate spray foam contractor becomes much more important.

One of the major reasons for this is the nature of spray foam itself. It is a mixture of chemicals that is then applied at high temperatures. This requires some protection for the person applying the foam insulation. The spray foam contractor you choose should know the requirements for safety for those applying the insulation and for your family and pets.

Spray foam is an excellent product for filling in all the nooks and crannies of your home. To do this, the contractor must know how to apply the spray foam evenly and at the right temperature. The person applying your spray foam should have specialized training provided by the manufacturer of the spray foam or an accredited source.

You want to make sure the spray foam contractor you choose knows the building codes that apply to spray foam insulation. And follows them to the letter.

As in any project for which you hire someone, your spray foam contractor should have references available. Contact as many of these references as you need in order to get a good idea of the ability of your contractor.

Your spray foam contractor should be willing to sit down and discuss several things with you. One, the contractor should talk with you about spray foam in general and which one will be best for your home.

Two, the contractor should talk with you about what to expect during the application of the product. What the safety requirements are and how long you and your pets have to stay out of the house after application.

Three, how the contractor will respond to any problems that show up later. Typically, any problems that come up with spray foam will happen after 4-5 years post-application. You should be sure to choose a spray foam contractor who has been in business several years longer than that. This gives you an idea how the contractor will respond to any problems that show up.

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