Closed-Cell Spray Foam

Strength Without The Weight

Closed-cell spray foam, also called two-pound foam, has excellent insulating properties. It has high R-values per inch, around 7.0. The closed cells in this type of foam insulation provide a barrier against both air and water passing through. This makes it very useful in areas in locations where there are extreme weather changes, such as New England.

In addition to resisting both air and water passage, closed-cell spray foam actually strengthens the structures where it’s used. This characteristic helps homes resist high winds. In roofing areas, closed-cell spray foam insulation is strong enough to walk on.

The strength of closed-cell foam insulation makes it ideal for outdoor use and in roof applications. It also is excellent for use anywhere in the home. Unlike closed and open-cell foam, this type of foam application can be applied and used very well in cold climates.

Dual Action- Spray foam not only keeps in the warm-conditioned air produced by the furnace, but also keeps out the hot humid air during summer months.

Due to its structure, closed-cell spray foam insulation has wonderful sound reducing qualities, also. Both outside and room-to-room sounds are decreased dramatically with the application of this type of foam insulation.

Unlike some other types of insulation, closed-cell spray foam will not settle over time. This reduces the likelihood of uninsulated spaces developing over time.

In spite of its general usefulness and excellent insulating qualities, closed-cell spray foam insulation also has some potential drawbacks. One of these is that there is quite a bit of plastic in this type of foam insulation. That makes it more expensive to use. However, its insulating qualities may bring a very short time required for the foam to pay for itself. In some very cold areas, the pay-back time may be as short as 3-4 years.

Another possible drawback is the rigidity of closed-cell spray foam insulation. This quality that has positive characteristics also can cause this type of insulation to develop hairline cracks in strong weather conditions because it does not flex with the walls.

Whichever spray foam insulation you choose, for the best installation of your insulation, choose Weathertight.

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