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Future Ideas for Homes

One of the reasons people want the best insulation in their homes is to save money on energy bills. This is in addition to wanting a comfortable environment for the family. Following are some future ideas for homes that will save future home owners money, also.

Smart Homes. Before long, homes will be connected to computers that will give them the ability to lower energy costs through real-time data. There will be automated systems for heating and cooling, use of lights, systems that regulate the humidity in the home, and systems that monitor the occupancy of parts of the home.

Highly efficient heat pumps. This part of the future ideas for homes will allow your heat pump to regulate the temperature in various parts of your home by moving heat from room to room. There will also be heat pumps that reduce your use of energy by as much as 30%. Also, heat pumps that provide heat, air conditioning, and hot water for your home are part of the future ideas for homes.

New clothes dryers. Heat pump technology will be used to generate the heat needed to dry your clothes. This will result in a more efficient clothes dryer that may lower energy use by 60% compared to current dryers.

The use of magnets for refrigeration.  The magnetocaloric effect, the lowering of temperature by changing the magnetic field, will be used in refrigerators as part of the future ideas for homes. Coolants that are harmful to the environment have been used for the past century in refrigerators. These new ones will use a water-based cooling fluid and magnets, lowering energy use and carbon emissions.

Better window controls.  More insulated windows will use advanced microprocessors and sensors to determine the best amount of shading for the time of day and location of the sun.

Reflective roofing materials. Another of the future ideas for homes that is already being used is roofing materials that reflect sunlight. These roofs will absorb less heat than conventional roofs, leading a cooler attic and home. Even in northern climates, these new materials will be of benefit. The sun still heats up roofs in northern climates, and that heat finds its way into buildings. Using reflective roofing materials will decrease this heat build-up and the energy bills that go with it.

Even with these future ideas for homes, you’ll still need the best insulation you can get. For the best spray foam insulation, contact Weathertight Spray Foam in Gilford, NH. It is one of the best in the area. Contact them at 603-343-3266 to schedule an appointment to discuss their services. They can help you decide not only whether you have sufficient insulation to decrease energy use, but also the best kind to put in.