Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

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June 1, 2016
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Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Chances are your home is already insulated, but you’re missing the benefits of spray foam insulation. Fiberglass batts are the usual insulating material used in homes. This type of insulation does well, but leaves lots of little gaps, cracks, and holes for air and pests to enter your home.

Air coming into or leaving your home decreases the insulating power of whatever you use. Cold or hot air entering makes your air conditioning unit work harder and makes you less comfortable, whatever the season. Pests coming into your home can damage the structure and bring with them diseases that may harm you and your family.

Sometimes, with fiberglass batts, there are so many of these gaps and cracks around electrical outlets, plumbing lines, and electric lines that they equal an open door to the outside.

You don’t want that to happen with your home.

One of the many benefits of spray foam insulation is the sealing of all those little gaps and cracks. Spray foam forms an air seal and moisture barrier.

Among the multiple benefits of spray foam insulation are:

  • Decreasing the cost of heating and cooling your home
  • Allowing your HVAC equipment to work less
  • Adding value to your home for resale
  • Keeping your home more comfortable all year
  • Reducing hot or cold spots in your home


Also included in the benefits of spray foam insulation is less noise from outside filtering into your home. This can be especially helpful if you live near a major highway or airport. In addition, spray foam can actually strengthen your home’s structure. This is especially true if closed-cell spray foam is used. In areas where high winds are possible this can increase your feeling of safety for you and your family.

For many people, spring time is a time for allergies to bloom right along with the flowers and trees. Using spray foam insulation creates a barrier to keep pollen out of your home or office. Certainly, it won’t keep all of the pollen out, but it will help and will improve your allergy response.

It’s important for you to know that spray foam insulation may cost a bit more than fiberglass batts initially. However, the savings you will find on your energy bills and the possible tax savings you may qualify for will more than offset the initial cost.

To assure you gain the most from the benefits of spray foam insulation, contact a professional applicator to apply it. Weathertight Spray Foam in Gilford, NH, is one of the best in the area. Contact them at 603-343-3266 to schedule an appointment to discuss their services.