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November 2, 2016
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Basement Insulation

When people think about saving money and increasing comfort in their homes, they don’t often think of basement insulation. But there can be a lot of heat lost through this area of the house. Not to mention problems with mold, insects, and water vapor seeping into your home.

It’s important to be sure the insulation chosen is the right kind that will give you the results you want and will not allow problems to occur in your basement.

One problem that has been seen over and over again with basement insulation has been that many contractors treat the basement like any other room in the house. That’s an ideal situation for mold and mildew to become serious problems for you.

The basement is not a place typical fiberglass insulation can be used right against the concrete walls. This will allow moisture to seep into the fiberglass over time. Concrete holds moisture, sometimes for long periods of time. Installing fiberglass where it’s touching the walls will give this moisture a place to go. Once fiberglass is wet, it’s a perfect medium for mold and mildew to grow.

As you can see, moisture control is a major aspect of basement insulation.

Spray foam is the insulation of choice for basements. It can be sprayed directly on the concrete walls and will form a vapor barrier that prevents any moisture from coming into the basement space. Spray foam fills all the spaces to make a continuous barrier and cuts down on cold spots. This will also make an excellent sound barrier for homes that are in noisy environments. In addition, insects and other pests won’t penetrate your basement insulation when spray foam is used.

Keeping out insects and pests, along with moisture is especially important when your basement is used primarily for storage.

Spray foam is not usually a do-it-yourself operation. Professional installation is best. Not just from the application aspect, but also from safety for you and your family. For the best basement insulation, contact Weathertight Spray Foam in Gilford, NH. It is one of the best in the area. Contact them at 603-343-3266 to schedule an appointment to discuss their services. They can help you decide not only whether you have sufficient basement insulation, but also the best kind to put in.